The MELT Method uses a soft body roller to simulate the touch of a hands-on bodyworker. The rollers we use in class may be softer than those you’re used to. I can’t count the number of people who’ve told me after class: “I have a foam roller at home. My [friend, physical therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, you name it] said I should get it. I don’t use it. It’s hard.”
There may be a good use for hard foam rollers. (Oversize pool noodle?) But for MELT, we want a softer touch – for several reasons.
MELT is a connective-tissue rehydration technique that’s based on scientific knowledge and hands-on discoveries of how the connective tissue responds to pressure. We want to stimulate this tissue to draw in more hydration – not irritate it and create more inflammation.
We also want to send a whole-body message of calm to the nervous system. When the nervous system is more relaxed, it can do its job better and the body can allow the changes of MELT to occur. The body is designed to heal, but it can’t do that when it’s under stress.
A softer roller enables you to apply more or less pressure on an area. Although some new students (men especially) assume a firmer roller is going to be “better,” I have actually found that I can work deeper with a soft roller, as the body allows the compression to occur slowly without the resistance of tension and pain.
The soft blue MELT roller provides gentle compression. Even if you are over a certain age, particularly thin or heavy, injured, pregnant, or dealing with chronic pain or bone issues such as osteoporosis, this roller is for you.
The squishier surface of the MELT body roller creates a more gentle approach to some MELT exercises while it offers increased challenge for the MELT core work. (Less stable = more challenge to your stability!)
The MELT roller is built to be durable, but don’t leave it lying against a sunny glass window. It will literally start to melt (and not in a good way). Ask me how I know this, but if you leave a bunch of them in your car wrapped in a yoga strap, you will see an indentation from the strap if the car gets hot.
If you already have a traditional roller at home, you can try wrapping it in a soft towel or yoga mat every time you MELT. Otherwise the compression can be too intense, especially on your spine.

If you have a MELT roller, you can use it every day to improve the way your body looks and feels. (If you’re in the Portland area and you’d like to purchase one, go here.) In just minutes, you’ll feel the difference MELT can create.